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Slimming products have always boom when it comes to losing a few pounds. The market offers a variety of different preparations all of which should contribute to the result, “weight loss”. The slimming pills can be divided into different groups, is first of all the fundamental differentiation of the counter products and those that are only available through a doctor’s prescription. Diuretics, laxatives and slimming teas.
To the first category, the non-prescription, include diuretics, laxatives and slimming teas. They cause only a short-term success through increased slimming pillsexcretion of body water.Joyful successes 3-5 pounds lost in the first week but certainly recorded, but are pure illusion, since up to that level, no body fat has been removed. Some of these funds may very well be useful to start a diet or fasting for purification.

Known products of this field are next to Brennesseltee, also coated such as by Sanhelios or Biofax of Strathmann, whose active ingredients are plant based. Not to mention inter alia and the Pu-erh tea, which is still being touted as “fat burner”.
Fat saturation binding and promoting agents. Another possibility is the use of fat-binding saturation and promoting agents.

For fat binding like the product obtained from shellfish chitosan is used in the tablets. The operation is as follows, about a half hour before your next meal will be 1 – 2 tablets taken the product.In the stomach swell up and stop by their special fiber structure a portion of the absorbed fats from the diet. This proportion of fats thus does not escape into the food chain, but is directly excreted undigested. There are such fat absorber it primarily from vegetable fibers from citrus fruits. Particularly well-known is probably Ihen Formoline L 112, that works along the same lines. The ads in all the “women” journals should have probably every (r) ever seen. A similar preparation is Liposorb that lipo 3c or also come onto the market kilo Control of non-vital.

The preparation Good Life 2000 combined, for example, the chitosan with mate and chromium.Meal Replacement Powder
Dietetic foods as a substitute for food were another alternative to do away with the fat. This is but a matter of taste, in the truest sense of the word.
Such replacement meals consist mainly of protein components and are available in powder form (eg the Almased Vital Food powder). This is mixed by the addition of liquid (water, skim milk, fruit juice) a liquid food substitute that for a long time replacing the traditional meals.

The most famous “father” of this form of diet are the products of SlimFast, such as the Slim Fast powder; variants thereof include the Optifast and Modifast. Since this type of diet is quite monotonous and getting used to but many dieters look for other options.
Source materials as appetite suppressant and appetite suppressant
Appetite suppressants are in great demand: CM3 Alginate (see CM3 diet), Bionorm, Matricur, Natuvit Extra, Perix (seed coats of ispaghula-plant) or Lorex and glucomannan-Propol (the “active ingredient” konjac or konjac) include such preparations.
The swallowed capsule from different source and saturation agents expands in the stomach by the gastric juices to many times their original volume, thus reducing the appetite. A pretty good way to curb his hunger – but fat is burned while one yet.

But the fat burning effect of the promises the group:”Fat burner” and fatburner
And here we are in the next bid, the so-called fat burners. They boost the metabolism in the body and thus is in the same time more fat burned. The best known agent is probably the amino acid L-carnitine.Other agents such as chitosan are intended to prevent the absorption of fat in the intestine.

Special care is required before ephedrine-containing fat killers. Ephedrine in its pure form, although now banned in Germany, it may be partly but still ordered from abroad. Ephedrine increases blood pressure and thus your metabolism, but this can go far (eg, at too high a dosage) that can occur in extreme cases, circulatory collapse or heart problems. Herbal ephedrine is often offered in so-called stackers, which are mainly found in the bodybuilding weight loss application.

Pure vegetable appetite for insulation and metabolic stimulation, there is for example a medical tincture called Gracia Novo, due to a specific slimming-bodycombination of different extracts here is a higher fat burning and rapid saturation are excited.
Carb Blocker
A relatively new group of Abnehmittel the carbohydrate blocker. Here comes “at last” the idea to wear that not only fat makes you fat, but the carbohydrates (especially sugar) is also responsible for obesity and many other diseases.

All I know Carbblocker currently based on the active ingredient phaseolin, which is obtained from kidney beans.
Prescription drugs for weight loss.With strong and morbid obesity can be obtained from the family doctor weight loss drugs.

Xenical is based on the active ingredient orlistat. Therein is a substance which also inhibits the burning of fat in the digestive tract. Along with a balanced diet with these medications can be successfully supported.

Another means is Reductil (containing sibutramine). Sibutramine is an indirect sympathomimetic. It inhibits the reuptake of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and serotonin in the nerve cell. Thereby an increase in blood pressure and the heart rate, an extension of the airways and increased energy consumption is caused. Similarly, sets a certain “euphoria” and an inhibition of the hunger center in the brain – no wonder this is something popular. If it were not the only side effects would be. Since Reductil is available only by prescription, order many of the LIDA. Lida is the trading name of sibutramine in China.

There are other drugs that dampen the “hunger center” in the brain directly, such as:

Antiadipositum X-112
Boxogetten Vencipon S (active ingredient phenylpropanolamine)
Vencipon (ephedrine hydrochloride and phenolphthalein)

That means those z.T. involves substantial risk showed the scandal around the Abnehmittel Acomplia.

Indirectly acting agents (those not directly intervene in the metabolism), for instance homeopathic remedies as Cefamadar or Redumax.


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